We appreciate that if you have multiple quotations from different solar installers, comparing them can be difficult.  So, we have complied a useful list of important questions that will allow you to make an honest and informed decision.

Which solar panels and inverters are being offered to you?

We only offer the best quality solar panels, also known as Tier 1, as these are proven to be the most reliable and best value for money.  It is always recommended that you check what Tier status is being offered and if the solar panels have been MCS certified.

Similarly, the inverters that we use are from well known and reliable brands.  It is extremely important that you check that the inverter you are being quoted is of the highest quality, as without the inverter, the energy generated cannot be converted into usable electricity.  This could negate the benefits of a solar installation.

Which mounting system is being specified?

Since we use our sister company, Sunfixings, to design, manufacture and supply the mounting system, you will have the reassurance that the most suitable solution will be used to securely fasten the solar array.

It is highly recommened that you ensure the mounting system has been sufficiently calculated so that it will remain in place even during high winds.  This is usually a document called a ‘Wind & Snow Loading Calculation’.

What level of warranty are you being offered?

As with any technology, warranties are an essential insurance to protect your investment.

Solar Perfect offers a 2 year Workmanship Warranty, a 5 year Product Warranty and a 10 year Solar Mounting System Warranty (which also includes the Wind & Snow Loading Calculation).

Have you been offered a shading analysis?

A shading analysis will detail a report on the effects of shading that could otherwise reduce the solar array’s efficiency.  It is vital that shading is minimised or better still, avoided altogether.  Double check that any shading has been taken into account on your quotation, as this may have an effect on your generation and financial return.

Have your CDM obligations been pointed out to you?

Under the 2015 regulations of Construction, Design and Managment, as the client, you have legal obligations to ensure that any and all work that is carried out on your premises is conducted safely.  Failure to meet these compulsory Standards can result in hefty fines and even potential incarceration.

We help to mimise your risk by installing our roof safety product, Skyshield, before fitting solar panels to your roof.  To find out more about how we do this, please click here.

Have you been told about permissions that need to be sought prior to installation?

There are a number of permissions that need to be sought and granted prior to installation works.  We will discuss these with you and the options available for gaining the permissions during your solar proposal stage.

If certain permissions are required and they are not applied for, it could lead to legal action being taken against you.