Solar Panel Tips and Tricks: Important Things to Consider

solar panel tips

One of the main reasons solar power has picked up in today’s world is due to its medium and long-term benefits, both financial and environmental Solar panels are an investment against increasing energy prices and should be designed to offset your energy needs first and foremost. Always speak to a renewable energy specialist to have a bespoke design provided to you, as each business will require a different solution. To protect your investment, here are a few solar panel tips to ensure you get your money’s worth – and sometimes even more.

Decide if it is for you

Deploying Solar PV is not a decision to made overnight, many things need to be taken into account before coming to the decision of whether this renewable technology is appropriate for you and your business. Capex cost is one of those considerations, but cost shouldn’t be seen as a barrier, as a quality installed PV system can be a genuinely value-added proposition for your business. PPA (Power Purchase Agreements, where electricity unit prices can be fixed lower than what is currently being paid) and Asset Finance options are also available, eliminating the capex up-front cost, but still allowing the end client to take advantage of the long-term benefits of solar. Obviously, buying outright is an option too, meaning that you own the system, when installed. It is important, therefore, to do your research and be one hundred percent certain that solar power is for you, otherwise the entire process goes to waste – after all, the point of renewable energy is, of course, to reduce waste!

When you start to do your research, pick out a Solar PV specialist to discuss your options. Solar PV is seen as an investment by many to reduce your energy bills and to earn an income through the subsidy that is in place. Despite its long-term benefits, people are often deterred due to the upfront expenses, so discuss finance options with your PV specialist to spread the installation cost over a number of years.

Solar is for everybody, so don’t be put off, there should be a solution for you to have Solar PV on your property!

Installation quality is more important than installation warranties

Most people go into solar power with the idea that a good insurance policy will keep them safe should anything go wrong with the equipment which, as previously discussed, is not cheap. However, it is recommended that instead of focusing on insurance, installation should be given more attention. If your equipment is installed properly, there is no reason for any faults to occur. Take out insurance, by all means, but make sure that this isn’t your only safeguard in the event of a problem.

Many installers of Solar PV offer long warranties that people think give them sufficient protection in case of a system fault. However, lots of installation firms have closed down, leaving system owners without any installation warranty. Choose your PV specialist wisely, ensuring you pick a company with a good track record, strong balance sheet and a good reputation for quality. Choose good quality products from reputable brands as well, and you have the ingredients for a high-quality installation.

Research your brands

It is key to buy equipment and consult with firms and companies that have a good reputation in the renewable energy sector. Solar power’s popularity has led to a brand new sector devoted to the provision of renewable energy to customers. However, solar panels are not a DIY exercise. It is essential to have professionals on-site and at hand as and when required in order to ensure a smooth transition of power (literally!). Well-known names and firms with a focus on renewable energy are preferable because their experience and expertise in the sector are unmatched.

Maintenance is key

Unfortunately, after consultations and installation, you can’t just sit back and let the solar panels do their work. Regular checks must be done by a competent installation company, in order to maintain a high installation standard and to ensure the investment meets or exceeds the designed system output. Once again, this is where reputable companies come in. Experienced firms will offer up regular maintenance services themselves, and if they don’t it is essential that such an agreement is made at the customer’s behest.

Call in an expert

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… to call a professional! Renewable energy is still a fairly new sector to most consumers in the UK, and though we commend customers who take the step towards solar panels and other such forms of energy, we also recognise that system problems are the responsibility of a professional to deal with.

While our list of solar panel tips is not exhaustive, if you have any other thoughts then be sure to keep them in mind when you give us a call to discuss setting up your own renewable energy generation source!