Using our sister company, Sunfixings.

Since the incorporation of Sunfixings in January 2011, they have strengthened their presence in the solar industry as a trusted leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying quality solar PV mounting systems.

Through their continued flexibility and innovation, they concentrate their efforts in building, maintaining and reinforcing business relationships with both their customers and supply partners to provide a streamlined committed service.  For Sunfixings, quality as a principle, forms the foundation of their core ethos and is routinely applied to all aspects of their growing business.

They have a wide range of standard products to provide a secure platform for the solar panels, whether they are located on a roof or on the ground.

Whilst these products are suitable for most situations, Sunfixings take pride in the fact that their in-house Technical Team has vast experience across many construction fields, including architecture, engineering and planning, and as such have the capability to design and engineer bespoke systems should a project require it.

By drawing on our sister company, Sunfixings, we are able to source the correct mounting system, whilst supporting our installation with a 10 year mounting system warranty.

Unlike most other solar mounting system companies, the 10 year mounting system warranty not only covers the actual products, but also the ‘behind the scenes’ calculations that are crucial to ensure the solar array is correctly and suitably secured.

Solar On Roof

This is the most popular way to install solar, with many businesses often having large roof spaces to accommodate their chosen system size.

Solar Ground Mounted

Another popular method of installing solar panels is Ground Mounted.  The benefits of ground mounts over roof mounted options are that the solar panels can be sited at the optimum orientation and pitch to maximise the total output of the system.

Solar Carport

Since car park spacing is widely available throughout Europe, our carport structures are the ideal addition to generate energy for either electric cars or to be used for nearby businesses.

Sunfixings understand the value of these spaces and so it’s important that they retain their original function.  They design and calculate to ensure that all the spaces are still usable while maximising their solar capacity.