Under the 2015 regulations of Construction, Design and Management, as the client, you have legal obligations to ensure that any and all work that is carried out on your premises is conducted safely.

We recognise that this can be a huge burden for some companies, which is why we go beyond just applying the minimum safety requirements, but rather, we evaluate each site for specific health and safety risks and tailor the prevention methods to ultimately, reduce your exposure to CDM non-conformities.

While there are plenty of products readily available on the market, we discovered that many only serve the basic of safety requirements, which do not fit out mantra of providing the highest level of protection.

So, we have engineered Skyshield, our skylight protection system, to not only fulfill its primary purpose of preventing a person from falling through a skylight, but also to enhance additional benefits to the client and the overall building.

It is equally important that the Skyshield product does not hinder the original purpose of the skylight, therefore, we have worked hard in ensuring that minimal light is lost in the space underneath.

Helps create a safe working area.

This is essential for safeguarding all personnel working on the roof from potentially falling through the skylights.  By first installing the Skyshield product, it helps to mitigate this risk for not only when the solar panels are being fitted, but for any future work that needs to be carried out on the roof.

Protects personnel beneath the skylight.

Skyshield’s biggest advantage is the fact that the actual skylight itself is protected from any damage, unlike similar products on the market.  This means that any personnel working in the space below is shielded against any falling debris that could otherwise cause injury or fatalities.

Helps prevent thefts.

It’s becoming increasingly common for thefts to take place by gaining access through skylights, however, Skyshield makes this more difficult by acting as a deterrent.  This further provides protection for the actual building and its contents.