A low carbon future.

Can small businesses really make a difference to climate change?

We believe they can.  Even seemingly small changes, like installing solar panels to your premises, can collectively help to offset the environmental impact of your business.  Here at Solar Perfect, we’ve done just this, as a part of our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint.  Our parking facilities now benefit from Sunfixings’ Eport Canopy and Eport T Series, with the energy generated feeding our daily electrical needs.

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Through the process of gaining the ISO 14001 certification, we’ve implemented a larger recycling program within the company, which has seen us reduce our waste to landfill by 66%.

We’re also making smarter and greener choices when it comes to transport.   Wherever possible, we are opting to use public transport or holding meetings via telecommunication.  Our sales team have even switched to hybrid vehicles, further helping to reduce our environmental impact.

We're using materials responsibly.

Over recent years, the Sunfixings Group have worked hard to develop our products and whilst we ensure the highest quality in performance, we’ve also taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact.  

We’ve designed and engineered our product range to be as universally suitable as possible.  This means, we have fewer components that can be applied in many different situations, so we’ve been able to reduce our overall raw materials that we use, all without compromising on the strength or durability of them.