What happens after the installation?

The benefits of an operation & maintenance service

Once the installation has been installed, commissioned and registered, you will be issued with a Handover Pack, which will collate all the necessary paperwork that you will need to keep safe.

This Handover Pack will include a useful Operation & Maintenance Manual, which details information on the next steps following completion, general maintenance tips and what to do in the unlikelihood that there is a fault.

Since solar arrays do not have a lot of moving parts, generally it means that they do not require a lot of maintenance.  However, as with any technology, the more the system is cared for, the longer it will last and the more your investment is protected.

It is therefore, strongly recommended that a number of checks are carried out throughout the course of a year and after any particularly adverse weather, to ensure that the system is operating to its maximum potential.

These regular health checks vary from simple visual assessments that can be completed by you, to more detailed testing that requires fully qualified personnel.

We understand though that these checks can be time consuming to organise and a burden on your business to remember.

This is why we offer our Aftercare Service, which is tailored around your system requirements with the aim to fully maximise your financial return, whilst at the same time, reducing the potential risks that could otherwise affect your electricity generation.

By purchasing our additional Aftercare Service, you will benefit from a scheduled annual inspection visit, which will provide a thorough visual inspection of the mechanical components and performance tests on the electrical products.