Solar Perfect Limited was incorporated in 2016 and is a subsidiary within the Sunfixings Group.

Its initial concept was developed from a growing frustration that saw the Solar Industry’s focus shift from a quality perspective to a cheaper, cost cutting exercise.  Sunfixings Limited took the commercial decision to create a sister company, Solar Perfect Limited, with the sole intention to push the quality installation agenda that many companies have been withdrawing from.

The downward spiral of the solar industry has lain way to poorly constructed solar arrays across the country, which fall short of their promised generation targets, simply because quality has been compromised on both products and installation services in favour of short term gains.

This negligence can be seen in a lot of the larger Solar Parks, which are now suffering from a multitude of issues ranging from insufficient generation to structural damage.

We are totally against this approach.

We firmly believe that we can submit competitive bids for solar projects, whilst maintaining an essential focus on customer service and quality installations.  This can easily be achieved by presenting the best products available on the market, which are then underpinned by our technical, manufacturing and logistical capabilities.

Being part of the Sunfixings Group means that Solar Perfect draws on the extensive skill and knowledge of its sister companies, Sunfixings Limited and Skyshield Secure Limited.

The additional care and attention that we put into every aspect of designing and delivering a project can be seen in our resolute commitment to go beyond fulfilling the basic requirements.

As such, out diligence has even led us to establish a separate company, Skyshield Secure Limited, which specialises in roof safety products.

It is through our collective experience and qualifications in architecture, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, which provides us with a greater advantage to foresee and manage the little details that could otherwise be significant for a solar project to be completed correctly, on time and on budget.

It is not all just talk either.  We are committed to safeguarding the Solar Industry.

We want to work with you and share our goal to deliver a positive social and environmental impact via the most beautiful way to generate electricity.  Solar PV technologies allow for our future now and significant manufacturing cost reductions make quality products affordable, which need to be installed by trained, experienced operatives who care about their efforts.

Eliminate the greed, provide quality solar PV generation and secure the future now for those that follow us.